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Tutorial on making Pitch Deck

Tutorial on making Pitch Deck

Pitch decks are how you sell your startup to the world. These are PowerPoint templates built to showcase your vision, mission, products, and offerings. They introduce your brand and convince investors to join your journey. In essence, the three keys to powerful pitch decks that get funded are:

  • Clear and simple
  • Compelling
  • Easy to act on

Your pitch deck is supposed to be short and sweet…while also including enough information to convince investors to give you money. Your pitch is the main thing that could either get your business off the ground or sink it

How to create a pitch deck

This is where you present your case, your problem premise, and your proposed solution. This is a critical part of your pitch because it will determine if you can capture an investors attention for the rest of the presentation.


The slide covering the problem should be a way for you to explain what gap you are filling in the market. What is the problem you’re going to solve? How big is the problem, and why should investors care? This needs to be a painful problem that people can relate to and that investors would not have issues with understanding.


The solution needs to be concise and very clear. Moreover, it makes sense on the solution to outline why it makes sense now. As you may know timing is everything in business and being at the right time in history is what really matters. Being too early or too late to market can be the main cause of failure for startups.

The market is going to determine the potential exit of the investor. If you are operating in a small market also the returns could be impacted by this. Ultimate investors, and especially institutional investors, look for companies that will not only transform or disrupt their industry but have the potential to fundamentally reshape the way consumers interact with a market.

Pitching is all about convincing investors how the infusion of funds will help you in achieving the goals. You must take care of the capital deployment of the investor in your pitch as well. It is because every investor desire that the money they use to fund your business would earn those profits.


The purpose of a successful pitch is to have investors willing to invest in your company. So, when you successfully deliver what an investor wants, you will have a truly compelling pitch. Get started and create an appealing yet convincing pitch!

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