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Urban gurus  provide you with convenient business funding services that help you in setting up business startups and expanding your business profit we provide debt funding, VC- venture capital, Seed funding and equity investments

Funding includes many criteria that we must assess Before providing funding to you like business idea, your Potential, Collateral Options and Repayment Capabilities, After the assessment of the business plan, we calculate your financial requirements and provide the necessary funding services

We strive for excellence using common sense lending to help you get your deals done and helps you grow your business. We also have affiliates who provide you with everything you could possibly need.  Whether it is credit repair or finding the money for your down payment we are here to help you. Both experienced and new investors benefit from our experience and dedication.

This below mentioned are the companies whom we have provided funding

  •   Hospitality 
  •   Manufacturing                                                                                                              
  •   Fashion 
  •   IT consulting

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Contact Info

1118, 11th Floor, Naurang House, KG Marg, CP, Delhi-110009

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