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Who we are

Who we are

Urban Gurus is a global network of people who have been leaders and experts in various industries and sectors. People joining hands to support businesses at every stage financially and with other support throughout the journey.

Based on shared success, we seek, select and incubate imaginative and innovative minds. The core idea is to engage and participate throughout their entrepreneurial journey instead of merely facilitating them from the outside. More like a partner than a third-party facilitator

We at Urban Gurus also run special incubation and business acceleration programs for aspiring potential entrepreneurs, Startups and small businesses. The Centre provides counselling to lay a firm foundation of business skills, intellectual support to encourage innovative and independent thinking, training to hone individual's skills and thinking, environment where ideas can grow and flourish through mentoring and networking to take ideas further through access to markets, money or mentors.

Our services not just include Incubate service model, we currently offer a bunch of services which also includes Virtual Incubation Program which helps startups and Entrepreneurs to avail of all the Incubation support without being present at the Incubator. This program has been specifically designed for geographically dispersed startups/Enterprises who would want to become a part of our family and achieve their vision.

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