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Business Proposal sample

Business Proposal sample

You have a business idea, want to start a new business and you're building up your customer base, the one thing you need is a business proposal.

A business proposal can bridge the gap between you and potential clients. It outlines your value proposition, and its primary purpose is to persuade a company or organization to do business with you.

There are two types of business proposals: solicited and unsolicited. 


Solicited business proposals are those, which are written in response to the issues or requests specified by customers. It contains a detail description of product or service.


Unsolicited business proposals are forwarded to those who have never asked for any. The purpose of unsolicited business proposals is to advertise some product and service and attract customers’ attention.

What is the purpose of a business proposal?

A business proposal is a written document that a business creates in order to offer its services or goods. A business proposal outlines a proposed project, including what the business will provide, how, when and how much it will cost.

What should you include in a business proposal?

All business proposals need to include certain information in order to be clear, comprehensive and effective. The typical sections to include in any business proposal are:


This brief opening section describes the company that is making the proposal. Include the name of the company, the name or names of the people making the proposal


Next, the business proposal should identify the problem that it intends to solve or the need it intends to fulfil.


If the overall document of your business proposal is very long, it can be helpful to include a short executive summary or overview of the proposal 

Similarly, if the body of the proposal contains many sections, it is a good idea to create a table of contents that lists section titles and page numbers so that a reader can easily find the information they are most interested in.


The main body of the business proposal needs to outline all the details of the project. First, explain how your company plans to solve the problem, then include estimates for all of the project's factors. Sections you might need to create for the body of the proposal include:

  • Objective:  

The objective states the purpose of the proposal.

  1. Scope: The scope defines the major terms of the project, such as who is doing it, what they are doing, where they are doing it, why and how they are doing it.


  1. Definitions: If the proposal contains any industry-specific or uncommon terms, you may want to include a section that defines them.


  1. Timeline: This section needs to clearly outline the benchmarks and completion dates of the project.


  1. Costs: This section should explain what the project will cost the recipient of the proposal and why.


  1. Disclaimers: Business proposals often contain clarifying disclaimers, such as which party will be responsible for unexpected costs or certain stages of the project.


  1. Key stakeholders: List all essential personnel involved in the project.


  1. Conclusion: If the proposal is lengthy, it is a good idea to include a conclusion or summary at the end.


You can use these steps to prepare for and write a business proposal:

Read the request for proposal

If you are writing a business proposal, Make sure that you understand what the client is asking for so that you can create a proposal they are likely to accept.

Ask questions and gather information

Before you can actually draft the proposal, you need to gather all the necessary information. You can consult others for the proposal, such as costs, possible timelines, who the main stakeholders etc

Determine objective and scope

The most important things to decide before writing out all the details of a business proposal are the objective and scope of the project. The objective of a project is its main purpose, and the scope is a summary of what the project will deliver.

Calculate costs

Next, calculate what the cost of the project will be. Include calculations for the time, resources, labor and any other materials you will likely need while working on the project. Knowing the expected project cost and budget is essential both to your company and your client. 

Draft the proposal

Once you've collected all the necessary information, such as costs, objective, scope and other project details, you can write out the proposal. First, write out all the section titles you know you need to include so you can be sure not to leave anything out, then add detailed information for each one.


Make sure to carefully edit and proofread your business proposal before sending it.

Follow up

After sending the business proposal, check in with the potential client to make sure they've received it and offer to answer any questions they have or have a meeting to discuss the proposal. 


Here are more tips to help you create an excellent and effective business proposal:

Take your time: Although it may seem like you need to send a business proposal as quickly as possible to gain the business, balance that need with the need to ensure that your work is accurate and detailed. A well-crafted, correct proposal will be more effective than a rushed one.

Consider using a template: There are many business proposal templates available online that can help you to make sure you include all necessary information in an accepted format.

Use a professional format: Regardless of whether you use a template, make sure that your proposal is in a professional format.

Add a title page: Although not necessarily required, including a title page with your proposal can add a level of formality and seriousness.

Check the readability: Using bullet points, tables, sections, subsections, page numbers and bold or italic font where appropriate can help the reader to easily browse through the proposal.


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